Tuesday, February 5, 2013


There are many things one could say on a blog. I could complain. Or get on my "soapbox". Or tell a story.
 I would love to tell you stories.
 Whether it be a story about myself, or others, I know I will have many to tell.
      I am a YWAM-er  I am in YWAM. I am on staff at Youth With A Mission, in Louisville, KY. A city you can only pronounce correctly once corrected. I am in an organization that trains people, young and old, and sends them out into the nations.  I have now been in YWAM for a little over a year. 10 months as a student, 3 months on staff. Half of my time here was not actually here, but in Europe and Asia, on outreach.
     I don't have a story in particular to share today, but I wanted to get a move on with this blog thing. Here is a little about me, if you didn't know it all already (I'm a talker)...
I'm the one on the right. I love working with children, and am especially passionate about working with handicap children. I enjoy spring, because it's not too hot and not too cold. I like to drink coffee, coke, cranberry juice and sometimes water.
This is my family! We are all from Ohio. (L to R Dad, Mom, Molly, Kyle)(my eyes are NOT shut, I'm just squinting) 

I'm big into worship.
And I'm big into friendship.

I have a passion to see those in India and Nepal  know the Lord, especially young girls.
I love doing dramas! I believe that skits and plays can be used as a tool for people to come  to know Christ.
If you would like to know more about what I do, visit our website at http://www.ywamlouisville.org/. Or click here to go directly to the staff pages to meet my YWAM family.


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    1. Baah! molly! I will stalk your blog a lot because I love this and I love you! :)