Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It never leaves. His love is here.

But the Lords love for us is unchanging.

It reaches high, high into the trees, past the clouds and on into the starlit sky. His love is as vast as our oceans, and stretches even past the arms of our Milky Way galaxy. His love is here.

His love. It never leaves. How could it if it is continuous? How could His love even fathom straying for a second? It doesn’t. It never leaves.
      It’s never failing, never ceasing. It never leaves. His love is here.
      I can feel His love. It wells up inside of me, bringing warmth into my heart. It makes me bring my hands over my heart and seems to force my eyes close. I can feel it pulsating in my fingertips, and my mouth has to curve into a smile. His love literally lives in my heart. It bustles around and sways to the music. His love is here. It never leaves.

His love has been chasing me. 
And sometimes I run. But other times I allow it to catch up. And when it does, He mulls me in affection. It’s a sweeping hug and it knocks me off of my feet. His love surprises me. It never leaves. His love is here.

 When I take my eyes off of His, a new identity sets in. It tells me I don’t deserve His love. It tells me that I am unworthy, too disgraceful to receive a pure, limitless joy. The world whispers into my ear that I am to go back to the love I once searched for. The love that felt so empty, it could never sustain my constant thirst. That is the love the world offers, it is a love I have drank from and it never satisfied me. Never. It left me alone, feeling hopeless, humiliated. It came with no plans of staying, that love left. And I don’t know where it went.

      But just as the Lord never leaves you, He never leaves me. He held out His hand in hopeful expectation. And when I look up, finding Him there, I reach for his hand. It is then that I notice the scars, wounds deep into His flesh. And I know. I know those are because of me. Because I drank from a shallow well. But Jesus isn’t concerned with that. No, He’s too busy staring into my eyes, holding me close. He wipes away my tears and my shame melts away.
His love, it is here. And it never leaves.

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