Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Journal Entry.

Why do you love me, Molly?

          Why do I love you Lord?

Because you saved me.
You remade me, rescued me all the while delighting in me. 

Because you defy the odds of society. 
I love you because you don't force me.
          You're gentle and humble and whisper and tickle.
You give my life warmth and something to hold onto when I'm freezing cold.
You love me and hold me and call me your own. 

                       Why do I love you?
                   Because you first loved me.

Because you died for me, cried for me and continue to provide for me.
You comfort me and let me weep,  you let me mourn and sing,  let me dance and swing.
           You send me on adventures I could never have planned.
            You give me gifts and never expect anything back.
              You say promise after promise that never ever lack.
I love you because you created life.
Life in abundance, you breathe art and hope and stars. 

I love you because You Are.

                                       I love you because you first loved me

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